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House of Limen

Chaotic neutral dungeon crawl through space and time. · By BrettW


Recent updates

Update after 4 months
It’s been about 4 months since the 7DRL that House of Limen was destined for, but failed to reach in time. I’ve since continued with development. For some...
7DRL - Post-mortem
Well the 2020 7DRL challenge is over for me. House of Limen is incomplete as far as the challenge is concerned, but I’ll keep working on it. I started the gam...
7DRL - Day 6
We’re getting close to the end of the allotted time and it’s unlikely I’ll finish the game by then. I’ve decided for my wellbeing to slow down a little...
7DRL - Day 4
Today we achieved: Messages log and window Map chunking for more efficient storage and query Game-specific colour palettes and tile lookup, as well as the abili...
7DRL - Day 3
Today was a day of wins. Things I got working: Player input Windowing system AI World-based background colouring Positions incorporating inter-universe travel F...
7DRL - Day 2
The goal of today was to get the character moving. Unfortunately this meant implementing a few subsystems and cleaning up how actions work in the game. I wrote...
7DRL - Day 1
First day of the 7DRL is finished. I didn’t get the whole day to work, a couple of hours here and there. Nevertheless I got to think about the design so when...

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