7DRL - Day 1

First day of the 7DRL is finished. I didn’t get the whole day to work, a couple of hours here and there. Nevertheless I got to think about the design so when I got fingers on keyboard, I could smash away quickly.

My game is called House of Limen and the elevator pitch is: Roguelike meets Monsters Inc, where XP is based on novelty.

My inspiration today was a talk and related content by Bob Nystrom.

I’ve made ECS systems in the past, but it’s easy to keep carving up the universe for no gain. I wanted a system that was easy but extensible, and had remembered his talk. I tried to fill in some of the blanks myself, but his code is easy enough to read/borrow from.

I also wrote the renderer today. It’s currently working and ready to be able to be flipped between tiles and ASCII. I’ll focus on ASCII until things get stable. The renderer is also cognizant of which worlds it can render — an important task if I’m going to have portals.

It’s not much, but I got the system working. 348 actual lines of code, which is okay for maybe 4-5 hours of work. I’m in a good spot for the next few bits of work. Wish me luck!

Day 1 effort

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