7DRL - Day 2

The goal of today was to get the character moving. Unfortunately this meant implementing a few subsystems and cleaning up how actions work in the game. I wrote about the same amount of code as yesterday, ending up on the ominous 666 lines of code. The UI code is mostly my own, and it’s decoupled in nice ways.

The good news is that the game loads, sorts out input mappings based on game state, and can act on them. The bad news is that it’s almost midnight and I’m very close to getting the character to move. I know it’s like Part 1 of the Roguelike tutorial, but that becomes an unmanageable mess quickly. And my current code isn’t as complicated as my previous ECS-based approach. In any case, I feel like this was coding time well spent. Speaking of, I spent a lot of time with family today, which was fun.

Moving the character will be the first thing after breakfast, tomorrow. It’ll be a solid day of coding, so I’m expecting good results.

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