7DRL - Day 4

Today we achieved:

  • Messages log and window
  • Map chunking for more efficient storage and query
  • Game-specific colour palettes and tile lookup, as well as the ability to easily add PNGs as tiles
  • FOV visualization (darkening the non-visible bits)
  • Two generated worlds (Forest World and Desert World)
  • Doors

I fell into a trap today trying to get Emoji characters into the game (as free tiles). Google’s Noto Emoji font has loads. Google’s Noto Mono has none, but has ASCII. It was more difficult than it needed to be to get both capabilities into the one font. In the end, I threw away emojis and added in the ability to add my own tiles.

FOV through portals is real tricky and I’m not quite there yet. Probably tomorrow.

I’m up to 1600 lines of code, which is a decent pace. In terms of the week, I don’t know if I’ll have a huge amount of time left. Assuming FOV via portals tomorrow, it’ll be maps, skills and UI on Thursday.

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