7DRL - Day 6

We’re getting close to the end of the allotted time and it’s unlikely I’ll finish the game by then. I’ve decided for my wellbeing to slow down a little and enjoy making the game. I’ll continue after the 7DRL challenge.

The biggest win today has been getting FOV working with portals. There’s artifacts (some from shadowcasting) but it works. The solution was simpler in the end - FOV casts shadows. Magic doors cast portals. The way you add the portals to the projection is different (interval trees!) but it works.

Current work is on map generation. I have three maps: Forest, Desert and Debug. Debug is just some crazy world. Forest and Desert are similar in that they are large, flat plains dotted with trees or cacti. I had an idea to make random map generation like a series of transformation, unifying cellular automata and convolutional filters. I’m coding it up now.

I also tried some profiling and optimization, but didn’t see any small, easy wins.

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